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Leman Niet-Araket

Established in 1993

Niet-Araket, a legendary pioneer of Kyrgyzstan’s securities market, commenced operations in 1993 when the stock market of the country was still in its infancy. The company has then grown to become a leader in brokerage, corporate finance, asset management and investment consulting in Kyrgyzstan and developed a global client base, besides being an active local financial services firm.

«Niet» in the Kyrgyz language means, «Idea», or «Concept», and «Araket» — «Implementation». The company’s motto has always been to diligently work on the practical implementation of its clients’ plans and investment ideas.

In 2018 a controlling participation in the company was acquired by the Swiss financial services firm Leman Services et Investissements SA, based in town of Nyon in the Canton of Vaud, and the company added the «Leman» brand to its historic name.